Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A little contrast to Manly Monday

 So as you know by now, I have boys and none of them are particularly impressed with any of my cards or projects.  I can make something and they are polite about it (especially my Husband who always says something nice) and I ask their opinions on the Manly Monday cards and they will give them, firmly if I use a light blue or any other colour they deem NOT Manly.  But I made this box card which I posted earlier and they all were really impressed and wanted to give it to their friends. So now I am making girly versions to give to their female friends and they are impressed.

My youngest went to a friends 13th birthday party on the weekend and I made this for him to give to her.  He was quite concerned about the flowers and butterflies (I don't think she will like this) but to his surprise she loved it (because it is girly) as did her friends. Phew maybe Mom's work is handy for more that their school projects.
I also made it a money card just by folding up the money and it was part of the garden.


  1. Wow. Those must have taken awhile to make - but they are an extra birthday treat

  2. Yes they take a little bit to make but they are cute. Once you have the colours down its easy. The boys like them and Nic has just asked for another one for a friend.