Thursday, August 2, 2018

Tis the season, wedding season that is

For the longest time my family and the families of my friends just went along without any big changes. The kids got older, driving, graduations from high school and university but mostly still family together and then all of sudden it changed. My middle son moved out and my oldest is getting married next week. We went from five people in our home to three pretty quickly. This seems to be an epidemic among my friends as well. Kids getting married, leaving for uni or mission trips and just moving out. It's so wonderful seeing all these kids growing up and moving on to a new life but wow it's happening a lot in my group of friends.
As I said, tis the season.

My Goddaughter has met a wonderful man and they are to be married. I attended her shower and I wanted to show you the card I made with the lovely Wonderful Moments stamp set. The simplicity of the bride is beautiful and of course colouring the images with the Blends is just perfect.  

I think we should use this set for Coffee 'n Card on Friday morning.

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